Mar 02 2015

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WATCH: #PITV “#February Wrap-Up”. #28Days Packed Full of #ConnectingthePervs with @MonicaFoster and @DesiFoxx

Alexandra fka Monica Foster & Diana fka Desi Foxx in conjunction with PornInTheValley.com and PornNewsToday.com present another Porn and Hollywood News monthly review for February of 2015 covering the connections between the organized crime groups, sex trafficking and the pornographic industry.

Alexandra and Diana also discuss President Barack Obama’s stance on violence against women (specifically rape), Bobbi Christina’s health condition, Belle Knox, the Libertarian party, Fifty Shades of Grey, Arraignment Finders, Noel Biderman, Prostitution, Katy Perry, God, Jesus Christ, the music industry, Playboy, Camilla Navarra, Charlie Sheen, Brian Williams, Bill COsby, WIll Ryder aka Jeff Mullen, the Cosby parody, Bob Simon, War Machine aka Jonathan Koppenhaver, Miley Cyrus, Jeffrey Epstein, BIll Clinton, the Georgia and Florida Sin Tax, the Catholic Church, STDs, HIV, AIDS, Jewish Genetic diseases, Michael Lucas, James Bartholet, Sofia Vergara, Kleenex, Dick Costolo, Google, Blogger, Twitter and Russel Brand.

At the end of the webcast, Alexandra asks the public to sign a petition she posted on Change.org in effort to have Will Ryder aka Jeff Mullen convicted for obscenity and inciting violence against women.

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