Mar 16 2016

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Still Don’t Think Donald Trump is a Pimp? Let’s Ask Beverly Johnson & Peter Nygår about Alexia Palmer, Trump Modeling Mgmt & H-1B Visas

In this Political Alert, Alexandra Mayers questions whether or not presidential candidate Donald Trump ordered Beverly Johnson (who has been signed to Trump Model Management since 2012) to speak out publicly against alleged rapist Bill Cosby in effort to substantially shift the political climate to favor both himself and Ben Carson.

This March of 2016, an up and coming model by the name of Alexia Palmer told ABC News that after being signed to Trump Model Management and being brought to America by the agency on an H-1B visa, she was not paid what she was promised and was treated like a slave. Alexia Palmer’s story sounds very similar to that of sex trafficking victims in the porn industry.

Paris Hilton at one time was signed to Trump Model Management – and ironically about 3 years later she was essentially sex trafficked into the porn industry via her sextape “One Night in Paris”.

Donald Trump’s wife Melania was essentially “trafficked” to Donald Trump via the H-1B visa program (though few care to look at their marriage from that angle).

Considering Beverly Johnson’s account of her encounter with Bill Cosby in the 1980’s, it’s likely while she was employed as a mainstream model, she was simultaneously being sex trafficked to wealthy men as “a part of the model lifestyle”.

Though Beverly Johnson has claimed to have been physically abused by Bill Cosby while working as a model in the 1980s, she’s yet to say a word about Alexia Palmer’s situation. Is it due to her contract with Trump Model Management?

There appears to be quite a bit of controversy and question surrounding Trump Model Management has faced a lot of media controversy and lawsuits over the years.

In addition, it appears that Beverly Johnson is (or was) in a relationship and/or tied to Canadian / Finnish Billionaire and women’s apparel manufacturer Peter Nygård (a man who is known for his ties to stem cell research and has been labeled the “Hugh Hefner” of Canada – but who has also faced allegations of human trafficking, sexual harassment and rape).

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