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Jul 06 2016

FMG’s 2016 Summer Project is Underway and You’re Going to Love What We’re Doing!

Just wait til you see what we’ve been up to!

As many of you know, my sites and videos have been under some serious attacks and hacks by blackhat hackers and paid internet trolls who spend their days injecting malware on websites or flagging and reporting false complaints on the truths we’ve been spreading about them and their criminal ways. I’m already down 4 sites that were knocked off line so that was a telling sign it was high time to move our work from to another system that is more secure and more fair when it comes to protecting the First Amendment Rights of Independent Bloggers and Whistleblowers. We will keep doing whatever it takes to get this information out there and shared with those who need it most. So…with that said: and announce we are moving to a new hosting program with New domain registrars are also on the schedule. While we work to move all these valuable resources to our new home, our latest in porn, politics and entertainment news is already being reported there. Be sure to visit the all new Porn in the Valley and our other new family of  Foxx Media Group sites. Also, feel free to check out our archives here and on our usual links until our site construction is complete and our links are moved to their new location.

Sites already moved:

Snark Strike (total rebuild due to corrupted file-completion late 2016)
Bunny Ranch Insider
I Audit All merged with Connecting the Pervs
Not the Sopranos –
Foxx and Foster – Check out our all new adventure in webcast broadcasting!

Still under construction but still with the latest FMG News:

Foxx Media Group – Where News and Reality Meet
Porn in the Valley – Because what happens in Porn Valley affects us all
PITV Online – The PITV Video Vault
Porn Pimping Politics – See Who’s Pimping What in Wash DC
Moms Against Media – Exposing Media Pimps
World Court of Public Opinion – Where Victims have a Voice
American Satanism – Satan is here. Learn how to fight!
Media Domme – Welcome to the ‘Hell of Fame’
One Bossy Broad – Use Your Voice. God Gave it to You!
Call Me Sunshine – My Mojo playlist
Desi Divine – When you need a little ‘Divine Intervention’
Foxxy Tales – The Editor’s personal Journal
About the Editor – Who’s behind Foxx Media Group

We know you’ll love the new look, the ease of finding information and the additional security offered by Watch as we expand and grow in our new home!

Thank you all for your support over the years. Whenever they try to stop us, we come back even stronger!

God Bless,


Check out the all new




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May 25 2016

Foxx and Foster: Game of Thrones, Daenerys Targaryen’s Pornstar Look-alikes & Prostitution Legalization

Diana fka Desi Foxx and Alexandra aka Monica Foster discuss the possible legalization of prostitution in the United States of America via the Nordic Model and weigh the pros and cons.

Diana and Alexandra also point out the multitude of Game of Thrones Daenerys Targaryen pornstar look-alikes in today’s porn industry (many who are available to the general public via organized crime illegal prostitution rings such as The Luxury Companion, Affluent Concierge and Help U Book Her) and explain to the viewers that Game of Thrones actually encourages people to watch pornography rather than deter people from it (as mainstream media news outlets have suggested).

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May 24 2016

Foxx and Foster: Teen Mom Farrah Abraham, Child Predators in the Porn Industry & Prostitution

Diana fka Desi Foxx and Alexandra aka Monica Foster discuss Teen Mom Farrah Abraham and her questionable choices in regards to her recent racy photoshoot with model Jenna Shea who is featured on & the Erotic review.

Foxx and Foster review the facts surrounding Farrah’s alleged rape and question whether or not Farrah has come to realize the reality of child predators in the porn industry along with the presence of illegal prostitution and escorting.

Watch more interesting Foxx and Foster video clips on

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May 24 2016

Foxx and Foster Discuss Coco Austin Twerking with Her 4 Month Old Baby & Other Fallen Celebs

Diana fka Desi Foxx and Alexandra aka Monica Foster discuss Coco Austin’s recent sexy photo shoot where she twerked with her 4 month old baby and other Hollywood celebrities who’ve fallen from grace.

Visit for more Hollywood, political and porn industry commentary!

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May 24 2016

Foxx and Foster: Marsha May, the Exploitation of Minors in Porn & the Pornstar DJ Trend

Diana fka Desi Foxx and Alexandra aka Monica Foster discuss Marsha May aka Bianca aka the Miami Porn Diva and her history of exploiting underage (minors) in pornography. Foxx and Foster also review the facts surrounding Bruno Dickemz – the male porn talent who brought Marsha’s history to light, yet seems to have no problem physically assaulting his female porn industry peers.

Foxx and Foster also discuss the trend of adult entertainers re-branding themselves as DJ’s in effort to attain mainstream acceptance and draw new recruits into the criminal pornographic industry (which is controlled by organized crime for the most part).

Desi Foxx concludes this segment by explaining in detail how many anti-porn activists feel Kim Kardashian is responsible for the underage “sexting” phenomenon.

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