May 24 2016

Foxx and Foster Discuss Coco Austin Twerking with Her 4 Month Old Baby & Other Fallen Celebs

Diana fka Desi Foxx and Alexandra aka Monica Foster discuss Coco Austin’s recent sexy photo shoot where she twerked with her 4 month old baby and other Hollywood celebrities who’ve fallen from grace.

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May 24 2016

Foxx and Foster: Marsha May, the Exploitation of Minors in Porn & the Pornstar DJ Trend

Diana fka Desi Foxx and Alexandra aka Monica Foster discuss Marsha May aka Bianca aka the Miami Porn Diva and her history of exploiting underage (minors) in pornography. Foxx and Foster also review the facts surrounding Bruno Dickemz – the male porn talent who brought Marsha’s history to light, yet seems to have no problem physically assaulting his female porn industry peers.

Foxx and Foster also discuss the trend of adult entertainers re-branding themselves as DJ’s in effort to attain mainstream acceptance and draw new recruits into the criminal pornographic industry (which is controlled by organized crime for the most part).

Desi Foxx concludes this segment by explaining in detail how many anti-porn activists feel Kim Kardashian is responsible for the underage “sexting” phenomenon.

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May 14 2016

Foxx and Foster: April 2016 News Review & Commentary

On the April 2016 Foxx and Foster News review, Alexandra aka Monica Foster and Diana fka Desi Foxx provide coverage and commentary on the following news items and issues:

-Global Citizenship Commission: The Universal Declaration of Human -Rights, Eleanor Roosevelt.

-Human Trafficking Report: Victims Reveal Devastating Impact of Abuse, 80% Suffer Mental Health & PTSD Problems.

-31 Year Old Pornstar Amber Rayne Who Accused James Deen of Raping/Injuring Her Dead of Unknown Causes.

-Hundreds Pay Tribute to Frank Barbarino: Why is the LAPD Singing -Praises of a Very Connected Porn Valley John, WHO IS @GewchiWings.

-Death Rate Continues to Rise in Porn Valley as Former WWE Wrestler & Pornstar Chyna Dies Suddenly at 45. Read the rest of this entry »

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May 01 2016

APRIL 2016 PREVIEW: Foxx and Foster Discuss Charlie Sheen, the LAPD, Brett Rossi, Mike South, Sean Tompkins & more

In this clip from the upcoming Foxx and Foster April 2016 headline news review and commentary, Diana fka Desi Foxx and Alexandra aka Monica Foster discuss Charlie Sheen, the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD), Sheen’s ex fiancé Brett Rossi, veteran porn blogger Mike South, Sean Matthew Tompkins aka TRPWL and his alleged recent acquisition of and how if Mike South tells all about The Luxury Companion he will have essentially transformed in Donald Carlos Seoane aka Donny Long (who has been obsessed with how illegal escort operation, The Luxury Companion, has been able to legally operate in the United States of America without problems for years).

Be sure to visit for the full webcast this clip is from later this week (along with other archived webcasts that are designed to educate the public about the truth of pornography, organized crime, the entertainment, politics and more). bought by Luxury Companions owner through fraud by Stalker Sean Tompkins, Mike South, Marc Randazza connection.
-Bree Olson Chooses GoFundMe to Fund Rehab for Decade Long Prescription Drug Addiction then Stalkers Get it Shut Down-Trip to Rehab.
– Charlie Sheen Under Criminal Investigation by LAPD – What about the Illegal Prostitution that Got Him Here, Brett Rossi Loses TPO Hearing.

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May 01 2016

A Father’s Story: Scientology Leader’s Father on Living in on the ‘Compound,’ Forced to Live Under Serious Restrictions

Ron Miscavige, the father of Scientology’s leader David Miscavige, and his wife Becky moved onto the base in 2006, where he said they were forced to live under serious restrictions.

“I’m living on a compound…where your mail going out is read before its seal and sent out, where before you get your mail, it’s opened and read before you get it,” Ron Miscavige told “20/20” in an exclusive interview. “Phone calls, you’re on the phone, somebody else is listening on an extension.”

Gary Morehead, a former Scientologist turned Church critic, says he was once director of security for the Church and would go through people’s belongings at Gold Base to collect information on them.

“I would go through people’s personal belongings out of their berthing, where they slept… obtaining bank records, date of birth, passwords, any personal information, where their family addresses were,” Morehead told “20/20.”

Before he moved to the base, Ron Miscavige had joined the Sea Organization, or “Sea Org,” the clergy of the Church, in 1985 and was working as a musician and composer for the Church’s Golden Era Productions. But Miscavige said by the late 2000s, the crushing workload, rigid lifestyle and lack of sleep on the base became unbearable.

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